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Gideon Sam, SASCOC, President

“But this is easier said than done because of the many challenges facing our Federations. These challenges were again raised in our recent Annual General Meeting where it once again was made very clear that the Federations are battling to keep head above water because of a lack of sponsorship for Federations outside the big four codes of rugby, soccer, cricket and golf.” 

Matthew Astill, Chief Executive of Cavendish Group, owner of HOST CITY 2015

“In an increasingly competitive and highly scrutinised global market, event owners, whether they are in the sport, business or cultural sector, need to work hard to ensure their events remain an attractive prospect for potential hosts.”

Ali Bin Al Hussein ‏@AliBinAlHussein 

“Members of the #FIFA Executive Committee should remember that Football Associations, players, coaches and fans the world over are watching. Delaying scheduled election would only postpone needed change, create more instability & tell world that lessons haven’t been learned.”  

On Leadership in Sport

“Lead by example, lead ethically, with vision, competence, courage, determination and integrity. Remain authentic, humble, consistent, reliable, responsible and accountable.  Remember that everything is possible, trust your instincts and lead from the heart. Balance fairness with firmness, insist on doing things right and doing the right thing. Be prepared to learn from setbacks and be open to new learning and experiences. Share the learning and create opportunities for others to also grow and develop. Be honest and open and don’t be too proud to say I don’t know and to ask for advice. Surround yourself with competent, positive, loyal, dedicated and committed people – remember trust is earned and your actions will always speak louder than words.” – Dr Debbie Alexander, President, Triathlon South Africa  

“Leadership is about convincing people to follow. In order to do so they need to understand the vision, goals and objectives of the organisation. To this end, I have spelt out Cycling SA’s objectives very clearly and also set a core set of values, which guide our behaviour. Transparency within the organisation, as well as following good corporate governance principles with sound financial control are key elements in successfully managing Cycling SA. Ensuring that there are documented processes in place, which guide our decision–making is critical. The objective is to create an organisation, which provides a world-class service to our riders. Engagement and consultation are key factors for success. Forging good relationships with key stakeholders is another key element for our success. Cycling SA has therefore established good working relationships with SRSA, SASCOC, UCI, African Confederation of Cycling, sponsors, event organisers and service providers” - William Newman, President, Cycling South Africa

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