Effective Branding & Activation in the Sponsorship Arena

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Have you ever seen a world renowned event on television or a major retail store inside your favorite mall, and wondered how they made it happen, how they became internationally recognized. Well we’ve got two words for you, 'Branding and Activation', or better known as 'Event Branding'Events branding is part of our everyday life and building your brand is the most productive and valuable part of any core business objective. Your main key point in building your brand is your target within the specific market segment - following that would automatically increase your brands storyline through the activation of their brand. As they say, 'your brand is on the lips of your consumers'. Event organisers should also not fail on the non-negotiable principle of undermining the importance of the build-up to their event through branding, as this could easily make or break your overall attraction. This will build audience awareness and introduce more hype surrounding your event. Another form of Event Branding is giving your guests a Brand Experience pre and post the actual event. However, event branding are not only limited to actual venues but also via Social Media, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. To simplify the above mentioned principles the below are our main keys to success, your brand has to always in the mind of the target market, loyalty and trust equals a stronger brand and always apply the '5 P’s' i.e. Proper Planning Provides Perfect Performance. Lastly, event organisers should always focus on creating & enhancing brand visibility which equals to maximum exposure. Finally, there should be no limits when executing your event branding strategy” – Nazeem Matthews, Head of Marketing at M&M Marketing:


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